About George M. Northrup, MD

Tampa Psychiatrist

Dr. George Northrup is a board certified general and forensic psychiatrist. Dr. Northrup treats mental health disorders, promotes mental well being and is concerned with your overall health and wellness. Dr. Northrup treats patients who are suffering from depression, addictions and solutions for weight
loss and weight management. Dr. Northrup is concerned with all elements of good mental health. 

Dr. Northrup’s expertise lies at the interface of mind, body, and behavior. As such, he treats all general mental health problems (anxiety, depression, etc…), he works with appetite suppressants (phentermine, phendimetrazine and others) as part of weight management, and treats addiction, especially opiate addiction with the use of Suboxone. Additionally, Dr. Northrup is versed in therapy and coaching techniques, as well.

At our cozy, homelike South Tampa office we have moved beyond simple disease management. We work for prevention, cure and performance enhancement. Let us help shape your body and mind!