Managing mental health and addiction disorders can be successfully treated when a caring, compassionate Tampa psychiatrist is involved in your care. There are many psychiatrists in Tampa who are qualified to treat brain diseases and disorders such as schizophrenia, stress and anxiety as well as drug addiction or alcoholism. The key is finding a Tampa psychiatrist or mental health care provider who truly cares and is committed to your complete care– Mind, body and spirit. Dr. Northrup’s patients can depend on Dr. Northrup’s extensive knowledge and training in psychiatry, and his ability to treat his Tampa patients with kindness and compassion is evident in his patient’s testimonials. When treating diseases such as eating disorders, depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), depression in the elderly or ADHD in pre-schoolers, be sure your psychiatrist and you have a good working relationship. If you’re a patient of Dr. Goerge Northrup and would like to tell us about your experience with the doctor and his staff, we encourage you to post your testimonials or comments.

I have been dealing with anxiety and agoraphobia for 30 years. I have been on and off many medications over the years and endured many counseling sessions. I began seeing Dr. Northrup several years ago and he has allowed me to try various medications until I found one that allowed me to live my life comfortably. He is easy to talk to and listens to what you are saying. There was a time when it was difficult to reach someone in his office but he rectified that situation and now I always get through in a timely fashion. His office is very efficient. I highly recommend!

Dr. Northrup came highly recommended to me. Turned out the eternal "they" were correct. He is by far the best psychiatrist I have seen. He did not hurry a diagnosis or push pills. (I read the other reviews. I see it as unlikely he would actually have changed a persons meds frenetically as one person suggested.) He discussed various treatments medication and otherwise with me. He is also more of a "real person" than other doctors I have seen. Overall, I highly recommend.

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Northrup. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services. He's personable, but gets to the point, he treats each patient individually, and adjusts his treatment plan to fit each patient. He's very knowledgeable, and shares his knowledge with his patients in a way that makes sense.

Dr. Northrup is a very bright, curious, insightful, and thorough practitioner. Not overly quick to medicate, he thoughtfully follows client cases, showing prudence and caring. The office and staff are great as well. I always have felt comforted to be in his care.

Dr. Northrup, is just the best psychiatrist, understanding with a great deal of knowledge. Nevertheless, Dr Northrup CARES,which shows in the respectful way he address his patients issues. Thanx doc U MADE ARE TRULY MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PSYCHIATRIC MEDICINE

I highly recommend Dr. Northrup to all who need his psychiatric services (which also includes long-term help with weight loss). I have been seeing Dr. Northrup for over 5 years since I moved to Tampa, and he has always been professional, understanding and caring. His staff also makes the insurance process easy for patients like me who have trouble navigating it with patience!

I have been seeing Dr. Northrup for a year now. I have never felt as well taken care of. Dr. Northrup allows me to participate in my treatment and does not try to push unnecessary medications on me. I have full confidence in Dr. Northrup and the treatment and care he provides me. It is rare to find a Psychiatrist that is warm and approachable. His office manager is amazing as well! Finally I have found a doctor that every time I leave his office, I leave with full confidence that my mental health is in great hands.

Great doctor. I've been a patient for 3 years and he's very thorough in the initial consultation and in making sure you stay on track. Especially good in helping with anxiety disorders and adult attention deficiencies. Personable, but not necessarily a nuturer which I see was an issue in some other reviews.. I don't feel that way. He knows what he's doing and is personable, but with a knack for getting to the core of the issue. Convenient location and the staff has always been friendly and attentive. I see the bad reviews about phone service, but that was a couple years ago when they used a phone service company for patient calls I think. I didn't like it either, but the office changed back to using the office staff for calls last year and I've had no issues since. And they also give you a reminder courtesy call 1-2 days before your scheduled appointment.

I have been a patient of Dr. Northrup for 13 years. He saved my life. After almost 38 years working for a Fortune 500 company I was stressed to the max. I stopped sleeping and could barely function. It wasn’t an easy fix, but slowly Dr. Northrup found the right combination of medications and therapy to help make me the happy person I am today. I still keep regular appointments and he has worked hard to keep me on the right track. His office staff, Brittany is always available to help.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Northrup for many years and he has helped me a great deal through a lot of situations. I highly recommend Dr. Northrup if you are struggling with PTSD or other mental/medical problems. Very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to everyone.